Reasons for Sewer Repair in Portland, OR

At Cornel’s Plumbing, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining a well-functioning sewer system for the health and infrastructure of the Portland community. In this blog, we aim to shed […]

Exploring the Uniqueness of Portland Plumbing

Today, we invite you to explore the captivating realm of Portland, Oregon plumbing. Join us on a journey through its intriguing history, as we shed light on prevailing issues and […]

What Tankless Water Heater Size You Need: Answered!

If you’re in Portland and considering a water heating upgrade, let’s explore the ideal tankless heater size. Tankless heaters offer energy efficiency and convenience. We’ll discuss their concept, benefits for […]

How Portland’s Environment Impacts Sewer Systems

As one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the US, Portland, Oregon takes great care to maintain its infrastructure, including the crucial sewer system. Cornel’s Plumbing, a local plumbing […]

Drain Cleaner: Is It Safe for Septic Systems?

As a homeowner, you know the importance of maintaining a clean and clog-free plumbing system. However, have you considered the impact of drain cleaners on your septic system? Cornel’s Plumbing […]

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