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You probably know your drain lines: the pipes that lead from your drains. But what’s your main line? Simply put, it’s the line that all your many drain lines empty out into before heading out into the municipal system. Kitchen sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and more all go down individual drain lines and into your main line. So when there’s a clog in there, it’s much more impactful than the average drain clog. That’s when you need main line cleaning. That’s where the pros at Cornel’s come in.

Signs You Need Professional Main Line Cleaning in Portland

  • Sewage bubbling out of the back-up
  • Gurgling sounds in multiple parts of the home while using water 
  • Multiple slow drains
  • Foul odors from multiple drains 
  • Flooding in your yard 

Portland’s Main Line Cleaning Experts Since 1982

One of those symptoms is bad enough, but any combination of them can mean you’re in dire need of main line plumbing service. At Cornel’s Plumbing, we’re uniquely equipped to deal with jobs like these. We have the tools to clear main line blockages even if your property lacks a cleanout back-up access point to the main line. 

Main Line Plumbing Cleaning Services in Portland

We can solve any problem with your main line. Some of the most common issues with main lines are:

  • Tree Roots Root invasions are the leading cause of main line problems. Because they usually run underground through your property and out to your street, tree roots have a tendency to grow outward and into the pipe. This often causes ruptures and leaks and needs formal repair service. 
  • Improperly Flushed Materials A lot of the things folks think are safe to flush are not. Wet napkins, hygiene products, paper towels, and more all cause nasty backups in drain lines. In rare instances, these materials make it down the drain line and get stopped up in the main line, affecting all your plumbing instead of just the toilet line they came from. 
  • Grease and Oils From The Kitchen  FOGS (or fats, oils, and greases) are a big no no when it comes to your plumbing. While they appear liquid when you put them down the drain, they harden and congeal further down your main line, causing massive blockages over time.  

The Cornel’s Advantage 

In our 30+ years of experience, our plumbers have seen a thing or two, which means they know a thing or two. We work fast, we work efficiently, and, most importantly, we work for you. We keep you in the loop 100% of the way through your drain cleaning service. 

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