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Right now you may be experiencing a plumbing emergency. Plumbing can be frustrating and messy to address. A lot of the time you may find it very easy to take something apart to realize getting it back together leak free may require the help of a professional Hillsboro Plumber near you. Whether you’re in a pinch or have a project you’re looking to schedule out. We have the trained and licensed plumbers with a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools that allow us to provide the level of service that we do. As a Hillsboro Plumber, we know what it means to help our community get their plumbing projects done right. We have a reputation of excellence meaning we will give the project our stamp of approval before we leave. Choose the best plumbers in the Hillsboro area.

Quality Hillsboro plumbing services

  • A lot of older homes in the Hillsboro area have been plumbed with galvanized waterlines. Replacing those lines can be a large project to under go. We repipes homes everyday. Call us for a free estimate or click here for MORE INFO

At Cornel’s Plumbing, we do drain cleaning the right way—chemical-free, safely, and professionally. We give a 60 day clog free guarantee on all unclogs.

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A damaged sewer line can cause damage to property and contaminate your drinking water and cause health concerns. Sewer Repairs can be daunting, but with Cornel’s Plumbing we will show you it doesn’t have to be.

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Tearing up your lawn is a thing of the past with trenchless pipe repair and replacement. In the Hillsboro area we are the go to plumbing company for cutting edge technology when it comes to trenches pipe repair and replacement.

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Property damage is the main concern when leaving a broken water main unattended. Ignoring it can cause more damage than the cost of replacement. Call Cornel’s Plumbing the Hillsboro repair plumbers and we can provide the solutions you need.

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Sometimes repairs may not be possible or cost effective. Replacement of your main water line is a permanent solution to a leaking water Maine and we are experts in efficient replacements. When you need an affordable Hillsboro main water line replacement company. Call Cornel’s Plumbing.

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Plumbing issues which result in property damage require fast response. An emergency plumber is available in the Hillsboro area to help! Click for MORE INFO

Our Hillsboro plumbers have the latest hydro-jetting and directional drilling technology. Traditional services would leave your landscaping bruised and scared. Today we are protecting landscaping while still performing the same repairs and replacements.  Call Cornel’s Plumbing for more information.

Running out of hot water or a tank leaving you completely cold is never fun. Call us if you need help NOW or click for MORE INFO

We specialize in tankless and storage tank installations. Conversions from storage tank to tankless can have a lot of moving pieces, so call the experts. We have a range of replacement options to choose from that fit your current space and budget. Click for MORE INFO

Up-front pricing

Up-Front Pricing means you will know what you are about to pay for the work to be performed to solve you plumbing issue before we even touch our tools. We create a transparent price structure that allows you to rest assured that the price is the price within the scope of work we will be providing. Plumbing in Hillsboro can be expensive, but with Up-Front Pricing you will know what to expect. Financing options are available and include 12 month 0% interest options.

A skilled Hillsboro emergency plumber who is there for you

You don’t get to choose when your plumbing system breaks down. While small issues can wait until the next business day, many plumbing issues need immediate solutions to avoid property damage. At Cornel’s Plumbing, we are committed to our customers, and we are proud to offer residents in Hillsboro emergency plumbing services. When you need reliable, honest Hillsboro emergency plumbers, we are just a phone call away.

When to call an emergency plumber

It may be hard to know when to call and emergency plumber. Small issues often can wait, such as slow-moving drains or minor shower repairs. More urgent issues and problems which can mean property damage require the fast response of a trained emergency plumber. Knowing when to call a Hillsboro emergency plumber can help you save time and money stop a major damage.


Our business was founded on a deep desire to provide excellent service. The foundations of our plumbing company start with our employees treating every Hillsboro-based customer like they would like to be treated. That means providing

  • 5-Star Service
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • High levels of customer care
  • Quality Materials

A lot of companies will make promises. From the moment you connect with us for scheduling, tech dispatch, arrival, estimates, scheduling for work to be performed, and the completion of your project. We promise we will take care of your home and project, like it is our own. We know what it means to provide the best service because we do it daily. Take it from our current customers on any of the below platforms! 

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