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A burst pipe or ruptured sewer main is a nightmare scenario for most homeowners. These plumbing services require immediate attention to prevent further damages to your pipes and your property by way of flooding. That’s why Cornel’s offers emergency plumbing services to homeowners in and around Portland. Because these matters are so time-sensitive our crews head over as soon as they possibly can. 

Plumbing Services and Emergencies We Handle

Galvanized piping in the portland and the surrounding areas can begin to corrode and pose a safety risk to both your home and your health. Its still possible for homes that were’ built before the the 1960’s to still have their original galvanized steel piping. This type of piping is known to corrode and cause heavy built up of rust and lead in the water supply. Cornel’s offers a wide range of repipe options, from city meter to your entire home, so you know you’re covered! Learn More.

Are your drains constantly getting clogged or backed up even after using Draino or other off-the-shelf cleaners? Unfortunately, the off-the-shelf drain cleaners are only a short-term solution to a more significant problem. Over time, build-up of food, hair, debris, and other waste clogs your drains. Draino and other off-the-shelf drain cleaners cannot completely remove these buildups.  Learn More.

If you’re having multiple drains backing up in your home, or all the drains on a first-floor level, you may be experiencing a main sewer line blockage. Sometimes, main sewer lines can be compromised by being crushed by the weight of the soil on top, or possible root intrusions in the piping. Sewer cameras are one of the best ways to assess the damage on your main sewer line. We provide fast quality service for your main drain services and a wide range of solutions. Learn More.

No one in Beaverton or surrounding areas wants to have to come home to a heavy leak in their ceiling or a drain leaking. When plumbing issues strike, Cornel’s Plumbing has been the choice for many in the Portland Metro area. If a plumbing emergency comes up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Learn More.

No Portland homeowner wants to come home to a broken hot water heater. We are one of the leading hot water heater install companies in the area, Cornel’s Plumbing is ready for all your hot water heater services when you need it most! Learn More.

Undergoing a plumbing remodeling project can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a skilled company with a high level of craftsmanship, then look no further! From removing bathrooms to adding whole additions. We have the experience and detail-oriented team to work through any plumbing project, big or small!

What To Expect When You Call Cornel’s for Plumbing Services

    • Rapid response times
    • Expert level technicians 
    • No upcharges or off-hours service fees 
    • Fast and efficient ends to the emergency
    • Scheduled returns to make sure the issue stays under control in the future


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Expert Plumbing & HVAC Services

Expert Plumbing & HVAC Services

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