Sewer Repair

Dedicated to keeping sewer and drain lines intact

Home maintenance is crucial to ensure that your investment value is intact and you have a comfortable place to live and make good memories. When it comes to home maintenance, sewer line repair in Portland is equally essential as other interior and exterior maintenance jobs around the house.

However, in Portland, sewer repair is often overlooked or not paid attention to until it’s too late. Did you know that sewer line damage is not just costly to replace but also has far-reaching effects? A cracked sewer pipeline can result in extensive and expensive property damage and pose serious health risks to those living in the home. Sewer line repair in Portland, Oregon, is the first line of defense and the cost-effective way to prevent more significant damage.

Our Process


First, our trained technicians will evaluate the condition of your piping. Then they will present you options to choose from to get your pipes repaired.


Next, we plan. Before proceeding with any repairs or replacement, our team carefully maps out our plan of execution.


Finally, we execute our plan! Our team will work tirelessly to successfully repair your pipes while being as minimally invasive as possible.


  • Tree roots are naturally attracted to the cracked sewer lines because they carry liquid waste. Once they come in contact with a broken sewer pipe, they wrap around and into it thus, weakening the pipes even more and clogging the structure.
  • Corrosion is also often the culprit. The high risk of corrosion is linked with magnesium and calcium build-up from regular wear and tear. If it is not fixed, the pipes begin to crack and leak.
  • Extreme heat or cold temperatures can also cause pipes to rupture and burst.

We know that there are numerous reasons that can  cause sewer damage. However, unlike others, Cornel’s Plumbing doesn’t rely on guesswork to determine the cause. We use the latest technologies to get to the bottom of the problem with a  sewer scope in Portland, Oregon.


Our experts conduct camera inspections to determine the exact cause and scope of the damage. When the camera goes in the main sewer line, it helps us view and confirms sewer conditions, offsets, breaks, and tree root intrusions.

Once the evaluation is complete and we know the real cause for the need for the sewer line repair in Portland, we suggest budget-friendly yet essential options to choose from to fix the pipes. We work in your best interest. We will only recommend you a sewer repair in Portland if needed and help you save costs to spare you from frustration in the long-run. This means that we may also advise a replacement if we think that repair won’t work for your sewer pipes, and a replacement may be a cost-saving option.


However, before proceeding with any option, our experts will carefully map and plan your sewer line execution. We work cohesively to execute the job fast and right the first time to prevent further damage. At Cornel’s Plumbing, we strive to complete sewer line repair in Portland, Oregon, to your complete satisfaction while being as minimally invasive as possible.


Our attributes of professionalism, work ethics, quality and service excellence, and affordable pricing have earned us the trust and respect of homeowners in the Portland area. Give us a chance to serve you too. Benefit from our sewer line repair in Portland services to avoid costly replacements and property damage.

As seasoned industry experts, we believe that along with services, it is our responsibility to share crucial knowledge with our customers so that you know how to spot and identify sewer damage and act fast. Many new homeowners don’t know that thousands of homes in and across the Portland area have clay or cast iron sewer lines running under their foundation. These old types of sewer lines are subject to breaks, wear, and tear.


Thus, when these pipelines corrode, crack, and deteriorate, they start to leak, which causes the water to flow under the slab freely. Over time, it softens the dirt and leads to soil erosion under the structure’s central areas. It further causes the home to sink towards the interior, thereby resulting in structural damage.

So, before you find yourself in this situation, spot signs of sewer damage and get it repaired by our team right away! Some surefire signs of sewer damage are:

  • Persistent drain clogging
  • Sewage backing up into the toilet or your basement
  • Flooding in the yard or grass is watery even when you don’t have sprinklers, or there is no rain
  • The foul smell of sewage

All these signs trigger that it’s time for repair with sewer scope in Portland, Oregon. Sewer line leaks and backups are frustrating to handle for homeowners, let alone the messy cleanup of compromised sewer lines. This is why homeowners choose us.


At Cornel’s Plumbing, our plumbing experts don’t mind the messy work because it’s our job. We like to get down and dirty to make sure we get it right. The entire process is executed professionally and to precision by finding the root cause of the problem.