5 DIY Plumbing Tips You Should Never Follow

Many homeowners love DIY plumbing tips because it feels great to make an improvement or simple fixture replacement under the guise of saving dollars and making your house look better.

You can certainly attempt to do your plumbing yourself if you have a minor issue like replacing a showerhead or a straightforward task such as digging. But professional plumbers have the experience and skills to diagnose and fix your plumbing issues. They are also familiar with the plumbing code in your house, which ensures any repair done does not affect the structural integrity of the building. 

The internet is full of plumbing DIYs. To save you money and a headache, we’ve compiled these five DIY plumbing tips you should never, ever follow.

1. Use Drain Cleaners From a Bottle

Everyone knows how incredibly frustrating clogged drains can be. And the immediate urge is to fix the issue by dumping a bottle of cleaner down the drain. Many plumbing tips suggest using store-bought chemicals to eliminate the blockage. However, these chemicals:

  • Can damage pipes with chemical reactions, causing more severe plumbing problems.
  • May result in accumulated toxic gases, which will harm your family and your health.

If your home has drain blockages, you should contact a professional plumber.  

2. Anything To Do With Repiping

Repiping involves tearing out the old infrastructure, expert plumbing, construction, and using an open flame. This work must be done by a licensed plumber trained in moving and sealing pipes and other technical areas. 

If done incorrectly, DIY plumbing tips will only bring more significant problems and future mishaps. Only licensed plumbers have the expertise and materials to do the repiping carefully, considering every possible factor for safe installation. 

3. Unfreeze Pipes Using Flames

Avoid DIY hacks for thawing frozen pipes during the winter. A plumber’s primary role in this situation is to identify and fix the problem of freezing pipes. They can thaw the pipes carefully so that the water pressure migrates slowly. If homeowners use a gas heater or a blow torch, it can further damage the line or set the house on fire.  

4. Try to DIY Basement Waterproofing

A waterproofed basement is a significant investment to ward off moisture and mold. Only licensed plumbers have techniques and materials to get the work done. They can locate where the leakage comes from and fix it before the drip becomes bigger. Expert advice from DIY plumbing videos may look easy, but poor installation can lead to future nightmares.

5. Fix the Water Heater Yourself

It is best to consult a plumber for water heater issues due to the complexity and higher potential for danger. Water heaters also typically involve a gas line. Simple plumbing tips cannot resolve the problem. Any mishandling of the water heater unit may result in electrocution. Licensed plumbers have the materials and know-how to fix the problem right the first time. 

We Can Help: Cornel’s Plumbing Tips

Homeowners in Portland need to know that various plumbing projects or construction endeavors may require a license. Contact your local professional plumber, Cornel’s Plumbing, to save yourself from DIY disasters that end up costing a small fortune. 

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