Tankless & Tanked Water Heater Installation

Don't let an old tank leave you in the cold!

No Portland homeowner wants to come home to a broken hot water heater. That's why Cornel's Plumbing is ready for all your hot water heater services when you need it the most!

We are one of the leading hot water heater install companies in the area.

Signs you may need a replacement or service

Not Enough Water

Hot Water is Discolored

Water Has a Bad Smell

Hot Water Is Too Hot

You Have No Hot Water

Water Heater is Leaking

Go Big. Go Tankless.

You may have heard about tankless water heaters, but did you know that you could save hundreds annually by switching to a high-efficient tankless system?
Tankless water heater replacements and conversions are our specialty, so take advantage of unlimited hot water and schedule a quote today

Why Choose Cornel’s


No matter the job, we have the right tools! Whether your job requires drain cameras or an excavator, we have the proper equipment to get your drains flowing again!


Having the right tool for a job is important but those tools must be met by experience and training. No matter the situation, our certified technicians will see the job through from start to finish.


Our 5-star customer service is unmatched! As a family-run business, we will take care of you and treat you as part of our family. From our office staff to our technicians, you and your job are our #1 priority.