Emergency Plumbing Kit

Wrench and Sink

Most of us don’t have tons of money to spend on expensive tools or equipment to fix plumbing issues like the pros, but you can definitely buy a few tools that can handle a few common annoyances that could occur. In fact you probably have some of these things already lying around the house, worst case scenario you head down to your local home depot of get them shipped to your door. So here it is.


Yes, the legendary shammy. Super absorbent and necessary when dealing with leaks and drips. Throw one of these in your kit and you’ll be good to wipe up any think a plumbing system has to throw at you. If you don’t have them, you can pick some up here or at most hardware stores.


Yes, we know, you probably have this lying around your house somewhere. Find it! throw your shammy in it while you’re at it. You don’t want to have to take that shammy outside every time you need to wring it out. Plus it will be the home for the rest of your Emergency plumbing kit!


The mini home plunger is a must have for the do it yourself plumber for a few reasons. It is the perfect size to use on slow draining sinks and tubs, give it a couple plunges and you’re good to go. If that doesn’t work you can always call us! If you don’t have a mini plunger handy you can pick one up here.

When plunging things like toilets, the mini home plunger is just not going to cut it. You need to get a bellow style plunger. We prefer the bellow style plungers as opposed to normal plungers because it creates extra suction and pressure for those hard to kick clogs. Pick a couple up here if you don’t have them handy already!


Shower head leaking? Try using a set of Adjustable wrench on the flat section of your shower head  head to stop the leak. If your shower handle comes off more often than not you have a set screw you can remove and reinstall to fix the problem. Simple but necessary tools to have in your kit.

So there you have it, 5 things the at home plumber in the Portland Metro Area should have in their emergency plumbing kit. As always, if your plumbing issues get out of hand or are a little to much to handle give us a call and we can handle it.

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