Freezing Pipes and How To Prevent Them

Freezing Pipes Yikes!

Freezing season is upon us and the chance that we are going to see freezing temperatures as the “La Nina” weather approaches is a gross understatement. Pipes will freeze. Plumbers will be called, dreams will be broken. Plumbing puns are the best. DO NOT let that be you this season. If you own a home in the Portland Metro Area there are a few things to be done when it comes to cold weather. So here we go!

Things to do before La Nina Hits!

  • Know where your shut-off valves are and make sure they are accessible in case of emergencies
  • Make sure that all your sprinkler systems are shut off and drained
  • Disconnect all hoses from hose bibs (AKA Outdoor Faucets)
  • Be sure to insulate any pipes you feel might be exposed to the cold. Also be sure to insulate your outdoor hose bibs. Some outdoor faucet covers will do the trick, if you’d like to pick some up you can do so here.

What to do if you know your pipes are frozen!

  • Thaw the pipe as soon as you possibly can, or give us a call for help!
  • Use a heat lamp or hair dryer to slowly thaw the frozen pipe
  • Watch the frozen pipes during thawing to make sure no leaks are sprung, if you do spring a leak make sure to turn off your shut-off valve and give us a call!
  • If everything seems to be alright after the thaw then you should be good to go!
  • After thawing, make sure to insulate.

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing!

  • This winter you can let hot and cold water drip from a faucet inside. Annoying? Yes, but the money you’ll lose on the water bill compared to the bill you’ll receive from a plumber having to come out and fix the issue will not compare.
  • Heat circulation is important. Opening kitchen cabinets periodically to cycle through heat is a good way to prevent pipes close to the exterior from freezing.
  • Be sure to stop air leaks into your house and crawl spaces

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you in the future! Most of the time plumbing issues can be fixed by the average do it yourself home owner, but if you don’t think you can do it on your own, give Cornel’s Plumbing a call at


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