The Best Drain Cleaners For Washing Machine Drains

best washing machine drain cleaning methods

Washing machine drain pipes can get blocked due to a variety of reasons. These may include debris such as lint from clothes, residue from detergents, and objects such as coins. It is essential to clean the drainpipe because a blocked drain can cause problems such as water leaks, slow draining, or flooding. Using your washing machine with a clogged pipe may cause it to stop functioning and lead to costly repairs. Regularly cleaning the drain prevents clogging and helps everything run smoothly. Here are some of the best drain cleaners for washing machine drains.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drain cleaning solutions are arguably the best drain cleaners for washing machine drains due to their convenience and effectiveness. They unblock clogs in pipes using chemicals that break down and dissolve the clogs. However, off-the-shelf chemical drain cleaners should be avoided if possible as they can be damaging to your plumbing and drains.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This homemade remedy can be used to clean your drain pipe with ease and is what we consider one of the best drain cleaners. First, make sure your machine is unplugged and turned off. Mix 1/3 cup baking soda with 1/3 cup vinegar (1:1 ratio), locate your drain pipe and pour the cleaner product into the drain. Let it sit for half an hour before flushing the pipe with water. 

Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is another one of the best drain cleaners for washing machine drains. Plumbing snakes are long, bendable tools that have a cone-shaped endpoint which is inserted into the drainpipe to break up clogs and debris. It is useful for long pipes that have clogs that are hard to reach. To use it:

  1. Insert the plumbing snake into the pipe and push it through until you encounter resistance.
  2. Turn the handle of the snake to rotate it and break away the debris, ultimately clearing the clog.
  3. Pull out the snake and rinse the pipe with hot water to flush out any remaining objects.


A plunger can create suction and plush clogs through the drainpipe. It can be one of the best cleaning options when the clogs are located near the entry point of the pipe. Simply push the plunger into the pipe and press down to create a vacuum. Push and pull the plunger repeatedly until it pushes the clogs through the pipe; after this, check to see if water flows smoothly through the pipe. If not, simply repeat the process. 

Pro-Tip: Add just enough water to the washing machine so that the head of the plunger is underwater. This will help increase the suction power.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

A vacuum works in a similar way as a plunger, but under certain circumstances can create better suction to unblock the drain. Just connect the vacuum to the drain and turn it on. Wait for a few minutes before checking if the clog is removed, or until you hear a change in the noise of the vacuum.

When To Call Cornel’s Plumbing

Suppose you tried any combination of these methods and your pipe is still blocked. In that case, you should consider calling a plumber to evaluate the situation as you might risk damaging the drain or your washing machine leading to unnecessary repairs. Call Cornel’s today to receive help from Portland’s best plumbers. Don’t believe us? Just check out what your neighbors are saying in our Google reviews.

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