What Is CIPP Lining & Why You Should Ask For It

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A cracked pipe can lead to a host of plumbing problems, including bad smells, slow or clogged drains, a mushy lawn, and more. Traditional methods of sewer line repair, such as dig and replace, literally require destroying the lawn above the cracked pipe. Modern methods of trenchless sewer repair have allowed for less invasive methods of repair, with Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) being the least invasive solution available. So, what is CIPP lining, and why should you ask for it over other plumbing repair solutions?

What is CIPP Lining?

CIPP, or Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining, is a variation of trenchless sewer repair. CIPP liners are made from non-woven polyester or fiber-reinforced fabric. The liner is infused with resin that, when cured, gives the lining its structural integrity. 

How is it Installed?

First, any blockages must be cleared from the affected pipe so that qualified technicians can install the CIPP lining inside the existing plumbing system. Next, the resident’s plumbing must be temporarily shut down so as to not interrupt the installation process. Once the plumbing has been shut down and the pipes are clear, the CIPP liner can be installed.

The liner is inserted either through a manhole or from inside the resident’s home. After the liner has been put in place, the liner is exposed to heat or ultraviolet light as part of the curing process, giving the lining its structural rigidity. The curing process can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the size of the pipe and the curing method. Lastly, the resident’s plumbing can be re-opened after the curing process is finished.

How is CIPP Lining Different from Traditional Trenchless Sewer Repair?

The biggest difference between CIPP Lining and traditional trenchless sewer repair, or pipe bursting, is that there are no holes dug during the CIPP Lining process. During the pipe-bursting process, the existing sewer pipe is burst intentionally by a machine to make room and lay a new section of pipe. CIPP Lining relines the inside of a broken pipe, leaving all existing plumbing in place, to seal and restore the pipe.

Why Do You Need CIPP Lining?

One of the largest benefits of CIPP Lining is the unobtrusive nature of the job. There is very little modification to your yard and existing plumbing during a CIPP lining installation and repair. If you have worked hard for years to get your lawn to the beautiful state that it’s in, the last thing you would want is for someone to come in and rip it up.

It is also a reliable method of repair. Here at Cornel’s, we warranty our sewer liners with a 50-year guarantee. CIPP Lining repairs can be done for most sewer repairs as they can be applied to a multitude of pipe lengths. 

If you are looking for sewer repair and are looking for the least invasive, most efficient method, call Cornel’s Plumbing for CIPP Lining, and be sure to check out our crazy-good reviews!

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