What is Hydro-Jetting?


Technology in the plumbing world has come a long way since the invention of the plunger. You can now not only effectively clear blockages in your plumbing system but you can also clean your drain pipes as well. In the past, sewer lateral blockages through a clog or tree root used to mean snaking the mainline which could cause damage or might require you to tear up your yard which is expensive and time consuming work. Those days for the most part have passed, through the use of the Hydro-Jett. Hydro-Jetting sewer line means sort of what it sounds like. You essentially clean the walls of your sewer laterals via a jet of high pressure water, which scores the walls of your pipe just enough to clean, but not damage them. Although Hydro-jetts run at 4,000 PSI don’t let that scare you away. They are strong enough to cut through heavy deposits and tough blockages but wont harm your pipes!

We as plumbing professionals use our optic sewer cameras first to locate exactly what the nature of the clog was and can asses whether it is safe to jett the line, or if it needs replacing. If the line can indeed be cleaned with our hydor-jetter we will select the proper head and pressure to effectively clean your lateral.


Why Hydro-Jett Your Sewer Lines?

  1. We clean, we dont just unclog
    You sewer lateral can get high deposits of soup, grease, sludge, and buildup from years of use. These deposits are often the cause of a recurring problem. Standard drain snakes are great for punching holes through a clog to get the water flowing once again. That said, if you want your sewer flowing the way it was intended, a through cleaning with our hydro-jetter is the way to go. Hydro-Jetting is a long lasting option to a reciting problem.
  2. Saves Money
    How can you save money Hydro-Jetting? When your sewer laterals accumulate these deposits over time, your snaked drain will begin to collect that same clog once more. Which means you would need to call us back to re-snake your line if and when the line clogs again. In the long term, Hydro-Jetting saves you money with an easy one time call.

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