Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heater: Which is Better?

gas tankless water heater

Are you thinking of installing a water heater but stuck on a point about what to consider, whether an electric tankless water heater or a gas one? Both kinds of heaters have their unique benefits and shortcomings. However, the choice of which one is the best for you depends on several factors. Factors such as the demand for hot water in your house, the cost of gas and electricity, and installation cost. Let’s look further into the differences between an electric vs. gas tankless water heater!

Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heaters Compared

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

While comparing an electric vs gas tankless water heater, gas tankless water heaters are known for being more efficient, providing a more constant hot water supply. This translates to being generally more cost-effective than an electric tankless water heater. Moreover, if you have a high hot water demand, a gas heater may be better than an electric heater since it converts energy to heat more efficiently.

However, there is a drawback in that it is more complex to install gas tankless heaters. They require gas supply lines and also require venting for the exhaust. Moreover, the initial price of these heaters is comparatively higher and has a higher environmental impact. Gas tankless water heaters also typically require more maintenance than electric tankless water heaters.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

An electric tankless water heater is a good option if you don’t have a high hot water demand. This is an ideal option for homes with limited space because of its size and location versatility. Furthermore, it is also less expensive as compared to gas heaters. 

Due to their lower efficiency, electric tankless water heaters may struggle to keep up if you with multiple major appliances at the same time. Electric tankless water heaters also typically have a lower flow rate then gas tankless water heaters. Your electrical system may also need to be upgraded to support an appliance like this.

Factors to Consider Before Switching

When switching from a gas tankless water heater to an electric tankless water heater, or vice versa, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Energy costs: Considering the current and projected cost of gas and electricity is vital as this will impact the long-term cost-effectiveness of both tankless water heaters.
  2. Hot water demand: Consider your household’s hot water demand and ensure that the new tankless water heater will be able to meet your needs. If you have high demand, a gas tankless water heater may fit your needs best.
  3. Installation costs: Switching from an electric to a gas tankless water heater, or vice versa, requires the installation of new gas or electrical lines. Hence this can affect the overall cost of the switch. Therefore, it is essential to consider the cost of installation and any necessary upgrades to your existing gas or electrical system.
  4. Venting: Gas tankless water heaters require venting, while electric heaters do not. This is important to consider when switching, as the installation of a venting system can add to the cost of the switch.
  5. Maintenance: Gas tankless water heaters typically require more maintenance than electric models. Therefore, you should consider the level of maintenance needed and the associated costs when considering the switch.

Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heater Associated Costs

Currently, the average initial cost of an electric tankless water heater in the US is lower than that of a gas tankless water heater. They can both be impacted by fluctuations in gas and electricity prices in the US with time.

Gas tankless water heaters operate most cost-effectively in areas with high power and hot water demands. In contrast, electric heaters use most cost-effectively in areas with low water demands and energy costs. They also might be better in more rural areas with limited infrastructure. Both are good enough in different situations while differentiating between an electric vs. gas tankless water heater.

Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heater

It’s recommended to consult a professional such as Cornel’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning before making the switch, as we can provide more specific information and help you evaluate your options. We will also assess your needs and determine best and most cost-effective choice. Moreover, we will also ensure that the switch is performed safely and in compliance with local building codes and regulations. Contact us today so we can help you plan your tankless water heater upgrade! Don’t forget to check out our Google reviews!

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